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Shigeru Eguchi 江口繁

My works are based on my imagination, inspired by folk tales, myths, fairy stories, and folklore.
Reality is the mother of fantasy; imagination is a seed of reality.
Our future depends on what we imagine.
I strive to release the products of my imagination without restriction.

1974 Born in Tokyo, Japan
1997 Graduated from Tama Art University, Faculty of Art and Design, majoring in Oil Painting
2001 Accepted Showa Shell Contemporary Art Award
2009 Accepted Tagboat Summer Award (On-site Audience Award)
Accepted Tagboat Autumn Award
2011 Accepted Asian Art Way 2011 award in Shanghai
2001 Showa Shell Contemporary Art Award Exhibition
(From Meguro Museum of Art, Tokyo to Osaka)
2003 Personal Exhibition "Dokofuku Kaze" (Gallery Ginza Forest, Tokyo)
2004 Personal Exhibition "Misora" (Makii Masaru Fine Arts, Shinbashi, Tokyo)
2007 Exhibition "AI – Perspectives on Love" (Collingwood Gallery, Victoria, Australia)
2008 "Art Brisbane '08" (Brisbane, Australia)
"The Age 2008 Melbourne Fringe Festival" (Collingwood Gallery, Victoria, Australia)
Shigeru Eguchi Personal Exhibition "Kanojotachi no Fukei – Landscape for Women" – (Gallery Art Point, Ginza, Tokyo)
2009 "Weekend Australian Art Melbourne 2009" (Art Melbourne 2009, Australia)
Accepted Tagboat Summer Award (On-site Audience Award)
Presented works at "Young Artist Japan Vol. 2"
Accepted Tagboat Autumn Award
2010 "Reflection – Exhibition by Contemporary Artist" (Gallery Art Point, Ginza, Tokyo)
2011 "New Year Selection 2011" (Gallery Art Point, Ginza, Tokyo)
"Asian Art Way 2011 in SHANGHAI" (Shanghai)
"Emerging Directors' Art Fair ULTRA 004" (gallery Introart, Tokyo)
"Rassemblement des artistes du pop art japonais contemporain" (Galerie Brugier-Rigail, Paris, France)
Shigeru Eguchi Personal Exhibition "A Storyteller" (Gallerie H, Sangenjaya, Tokyo)
2012 "Freelance Art Directors' Fair (Fad Fair)" (The Artcomplex Center, Shinjuku, Tokyo)
"Port of Nagoya Art Festival" (Port of Nagoya)
2013 "Japanese Pop Art Exhibition" (Deauville, France)
"Emerging Directors' Art Fair ULTRA 006" (Spiral, Aoyama, Tokyo)
2014 Shigeru Eguchi Personal Exhibition "EXTRA" (gallery Introart)
Mayumi International presents "Finding and Developing New Japanese Artists" (Sydney, Australia)
Hong Kong Contemporary 2014 (Hong Kong)


Painting, that's my tool communicating with people.
Because I'm not good at explaining myself in word.
I am attracted to something that evoke great nostlagia, and something that never changes even if time goes by.
I love places that is peaceful and relieves me. Places that I could imagine peoples living , their lives, historys and so on.
I'm always looking for various designs that fits my concept. And then I draw rough design to express it.
I draw girls as mischievous youngster with a pop feeling and an oracle.
Reason I draw female is because I feel men element in females.
I don't want to get caught up in reality . I enjoy drawing the feelings and appearance freely, inside my own imagination.
The girls are storytellers of my world.
I will appreciate and be blessed if people who see my work can feel the empathy, that I enjoy creating my Art work very much.

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